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The Dynamic Call Routing Platform for Your Business

The solution to your multi-destination call routing needs

InfoCision Inforoute platform provides advanced call center solutions through dynamic call routing. With innovative features like time-based routing, percentage-based allocation, IVR prompts, and API data lookup, our solution ensures that incoming calls are efficiently directed to the most suitable call center agents. Let us help you experience optimal control and efficiency for your customer service with InfoCision InfoRoute.

Why Choose InfoCision InfoRoute?

Delivering outstanding customer experiences is non-negotiable. InfoCision InfoRoute stands as the cornerstone of transforming your call center operations. Explore why InfoCision InfoRoute is the unparalleled choice for optimizing your call center solutions and strategy.

Unparalleled Expertise

With over 40+ years of experience in call center solutions, InfoCision adept at optimizing call routing for heightened customer satisfaction and business performance.

Tailored Strategies

InfoCision’s team crafts custom routing solutions for your specific needs – whether it’s time zones, percentages, or demographics.

Proven Results

InfoCision enabled businesses of all sizes to enhance call distribution, agent utilization, and overall efficiency.

Cutting-Edge Technology

InfoRoute employs advanced technology for seamless integration, security, and reliability – ensuring a strong foundation for your operations.

Dedicated Support

More than just a provider, we’re your partner. Our support team will guide you through implementation, answer questions, and provide ongoing assistance.

Boost Business Agility with InfoRoute

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is crucial, and an efficient call routing system plays a vital role. Within days, our experts design the optimal call routing strategy for your network. InfoRoute distributes incoming calls to multiple call centers based on the caller’s time zone, percent allocation, or specific customer demographics. Enhance customer satisfaction and increase performance.

Flexible & Scalable

Adapt Seamlessly with Dynamic Call Center Solutions. Achieve unmatched adaptability in handling call volume fluctuations and schedules. Effortlessly steer calls using customizable routing networks powered by InfoCision Inforoute.

Improve Distribution

Targeted Call Routing for Maximum Performance. Ensure optimal performance by directing calls to the ideal locations and skilled agents, thanks to InfoCision InfoRoute’s sophisticated call routing system.

Optimize Efficiency

Informed Decision-Making with Advanced Analytics. Gain unparalleled insights through robust reporting tools. Empower your business with custom rules tailored to your unique needs, utilizing InfoCision InfoRoute’s exceptional call center solutions.

Seamless Integration

Uninterrupted Operations with InfoCision Inforoute. Experience secure, reliable cloud infrastructure supported by built-in redundancy and disaster recovery measures. Your operations remain seamless, even in the face of challenges.

InfoCision InfoRoute FAQs

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Check out these frequently asked questions about InfoCision InfoRoute:

InfoRoute employs advanced algorithms that consider factors like time zones, percentages, and demographics to ensure each call reaches the right agent.

Absolutely. InfoRoute is designed for seamless integration, making it compatible with a wide range of call center software solutions.

Yes, whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, InfoRoute’s flexible solutions can be tailored to fit your needs.

Ready to Effortlessly Route Calls to Multiple Destinations?

Let InfoRoute get you there.