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Call Center Training Experience that Drives Results

Train agents to handle every scenario like an expert

Invest in training that drives returns on investment. Access our ready-made eLearning library or opt for a fully customized program. Benefit from 40+ years of experience, proven success, and cost-effectiveness compared to in-house development.

Interactive, Right-Sized Learning with ILC

Drive Behaviors that Deliver Return on Investment. Employers can increase profit margins by 24% when they spend $1,500 annually per employee on training. Explore our ready-made library of eLearning courses or we can create a fully customized training program for you. ILC is built on 40+ years of experience and proven success. And can cost less than in-house developmentā€”Saving you resources, time and money!

Built for Success

Keep learners engaged and thinking critically with simulated try-me scenarios, quizzes & gamification.

Enhance Experience

Audio and video, or even your own original footage provides added value to the training content.

Levels of Customization

Off the shelf to fully customized solutions to fit your internal learning and development needs.

Deploy Company-wide

Rollout training for policies, new programs and updates to the entire company easily.

Ready to Learn More?

For every dollar spent, make back $30 in productivity. Save resources, time and money!