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Engage Customers Across Channels and Platforms

Create a Unique Experience That Maximizes ROI

Unlock the power of InfoCision’s Omni solution to create a tailored customer experience that not only delights your audience but also maximizes your return on investment (ROI). Our multi-channel platform empowers you to engage customers seamlessly across various channels and platforms, ensuring exceptional interactions at every touchpoint. Harness the potential of the Omni Network to build lasting relationships and boost your business.

Elevate Every Interaction with InfoCision’s Omni-Channel Experience

Create a Unique Experience That Maximizes Your ROI. Consider this: 68% of consumers tap into multiple channels to reach out to businesses. Furthermore, 63% of millennials initiate their customer service interactions online. With our Omni solution, build a comprehensive engagement strategy tailored for the digital age. While you focus on elevating your brand, InfoCision ensures your call center service meets the ever-evolving needs of your clientele.

Chat: On Demand

52% of consumers prefer live chat.

  • Automated chatbots minimize agent time.
  • Multiple, concurrent sessions.
  • Templated, pre-approved responses.
  • Few compliance concerns.

Text: Instant Engagement

97% of all texts are read.

  • Immediate response.
  • Engage customers with action
  • Pre-scripted blast texting or manual delivery options.

Email: Efficient & Cost-Effective

24-hour response cycles.

  • Asynchronous communication.
  • Templated, pre-approved responses.
  • Easy escalation to experts.
  • Consent not required.

Why Choose InfoCision’s OMNI Solution as your Call Center Service Provider?

In the fast-paced world of modern business, you need a platform that matches your drive and vision. Discover InfoCision’s OMNI-channel contact center service – crafted to revolutionize how you connect with your customers.

Multi-Channel Efficiency

Experience seamless engagement across chat, email, phone, text, and social media, all unified under the OMNI umbrella.

Data Security

Rest easy knowing your customer data is protected. InfoCision takes security seriously, ensuring that our OMNI Solution is fortified against threats and compliant with regulations.

Cloud-Based Innovation

Tap into the power of cloud technology. OMNI ensures that you can reach out, respond, and resolve from any corner of the world, offering unparalleled accessibility and flexibility.

Improved Customer Experiences

Our contact center service isn’t just about technology; it’s about people. OMNI Solutions is designed to improve the quality of every customer interaction, ensuring satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Robust Integration

InfoCision’s OMNI Solution doesn’t just stand alone; it blends seamlessly with your existing systems. From CRM to ERP, experience effortless integration for a holistic view of your customer.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, OMNI adapts. Our call center service scales as per your needs, ensuring you’re always equipped for growth.

Ready to take your customer service to the next level with InfoCision’s OMNI solution?

Supercharge your mail, TV, and online advertising campaigns. With OMNI channel marketing, you can seamlessly integrate promotion and support across chat, text, email, phone, and social media channels.