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ID Callers Faster and Improve Contact Center Efficiency

Empower Your Contact Center: Elevate Efficiency and Transform Experiences with Gofer ID

InfoCision believes that every customer interaction should be exceptional. Gofer ID empowers your agents with instant caller insights, turning each call into an opportunity. Seamlessly retrieve caller names and addresses with our advanced reverse lookup system, streamlining your contact center operations for efficiency.

Enhance your team’s performance and build trust with accurate caller information at their fingertips. Gofer ID minimizes manual tasks, allowing your agents to focus on creating positive customer experiences. Partner with InfoCision to revolutionize your call center efficiency, setting a new standard for excellence.

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Make every call count. Empower your agents to handle each interaction like seasoned experts with Gofer ID.

InfoCision understands the pulse of your contact center. Our solution empowers you to streamline your performance by arming your agents with precise caller details instantaneously. No more delays, no more guesswork. It’s time to enhance your contact center’s responsiveness and elevate customer experiences to unprecedented heights. With Gofer ID, you’re not just saving time – you’re saving opportunities.

Transform your customer experience into a growth engine

22% Reduction in Call Handle Time

$0.45 Save More on Every Call

Accelerate Customer Interactions

Speed and efficiency define modern customer service. Gofer ID reduces call handle times by a staggering 22%, allowing your agents to cater to more calls while ensuring superior service quality. Lower abandon rates, higher customer satisfaction – the equation is simple with Gofer ID.

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs

Efficiency isn’t just about time; it’s about costs too. With every call handled swiftly, you’re not just reducing customer wait times, but also your expenses. Experience savings of up to $0.45 on every call – a game-changer for your bottom line.

Eliminate Misspelling and Elevate Trust

Precision is our promise. Say goodbye to misspelled names and inaccurate data entry. With InfoCision’s Gofer ID, your agents can trust that the information they collect is correct, enhancing professionalism and customer trust.

Reduce Workgroup Size for Optimal Efficiency

Efficiency allows for optimization. With shorter call durations, you can streamline your workforce, reduce training costs, and allocate resources more intelligently. Gofer ID empowers you to maximize your contact center potential.

Why Choose Gofer ID?

At InfoCision, we’re not just a solution; we’re a transformation. Our commitment to efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Choose us for:

Elevated Service Levels: Boost your customer service quality and watch your customer satisfaction soar.

Cost Savings: Witness your operational costs decrease as every call becomes more efficient.

Enhanced Caller Experience: Deliver an experience that resonates with your customers, building loyalty and trust.

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Ready to supercharge your contact center? Reach out to us today for a demonstration of how Gofer ID can revolutionize your operations. Your journey to enhanced call center efficiency starts here.