As an executive, you are quite familiar with resource management. When you earmark your company’s hard-earned money for a project or purchase, you expect to see a return on that investment. When you hire a new employee, you expect that individual to produce results.

When it comes to the contact center, however, many decision-makers simply aren’t as demanding as they are with other aspects of their business. But those companies not taking advantage of potential contact center services ROI are missing major opportunities because today’s customer service Communicators can boost revenue—if they have the right tools.

In the past, customers generally called the contact center to ask a question or lodge a complaint, but many contemporary consumers reach out for product information or may even be interested in making a purchase. The key to taking advantage of these opportunities is making sure representatives either have the answers to questions at their fingertips or the means to quickly get the call to somebody who can help. Today’s best-in-class contact center vendors have the technology to give Communicators what they need, including:

  • Skills-based routing, which ensures the most complex calls are handled by the best agents and inquiries about billing or product development go to the appropriate personnel.
  • Customer relationship management that includes customer profiles, screen pops and custom scripts for various scenarios, providing the Communicator with the information he or she needs to get maximum value out of every call.
  • Call blending that boosts productivity by allowing Communicators to make outbound calls when inbound activity dips.

If you make the commitment to maintaining a contact center—on your own or partnering with a multi-channel marketing partner—it just makes good business sense to protect and maximize that investment. No executive likes to pass up the opportunity to increase revenue, and with the right technology in your contact center, there’s no reason you have to.