Is Poor VoIP Ruining Your Customer Service?


Cost control, reduced maintenance and business mobility are among the main factors driving adoption of cloud-based contact center solutions today. In fact, the market is anticipated to triple in value from 2016 and 2021, according to a recent MarketsAndMarkets report.


But as organizations move to run customer support operations through VoIP infrastructure, there is potential to disrupt customer service if both installation and maintenance are not handled correctly. A failure to do so may result in latency, poor voice quality and a number of other challenges that can agitate your customers.


In the interest of making sure your transition from legacy network infrastructure is seamless, consider the following tips when it comes to installing and maintaining your VoIP network.


  • Assessing your bandwidth needs: In moving to a VoIP-based system, you’ll need to assess your bandwidth needs for several reasons. The amount of bandwidth taken up by your contact center may impede upon other departments within your organization if you don’t have enough, leading to poor call quality. You’ll also need to consider peak seasons when thinking about your bandwidth needs. You may have enough now, but what happens when inquiries rise by 20 percent during the holidays?
  • Establishing a failover preparedness plan: Using VoIP infrastructure, you’ll have a high degree of reliability with Ethernet. But if you do suffer an outage, what steps have you taken to ensure continuity? When installing and maintaining your new system, be sure to allocate enough resources to keep both your primary and secondary connections taken care of and your customers will never know if or when your system falters.
  • Integrating your CRM Platform: Even if you’re building your VoIP network from the ground up, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t elements within your existing infrastructure that won’t be irrelevant. Your current CRM, for instance, is a library of customer knowledge and is familiar to your personnel. The more you can integrate your CRM with your new system, the easier time you’ll have picking up where you left off with existing customers, and the easier time your reps will have adapting.


VoIP adoption is one of many ways that businesses are getting ahead with superior customer service today. If you want to learn more about how to get your contact center running at full efficiency to provide your customers with the highest level of support, click here.