Key Findings From the Customer Rage Survey

For the last several years, rising consumer expectations have been a major focal point in the customer service space. As the years have gone on, customers have become increasingly demanding about the products and services they receive.

These expectations were recently detailed in an informative report aptly titled the “2017 Customer Rage Study.” What’s interesting is that despite all of the advancements in technology and communications over the last several decades, businesses are still having trouble keeping customers satisfied.

Last year, for instance, 56 percent of respondents indicated that they had a problem with a service or product. And the number of people who have experienced customer service issues has increased by more than 20 percent from 40 years ago.

The majority of customers who experienced problems — 56 percent — fell into the “rage” category in the survey which is troubling.

Here are some additional findings from the study:

Social complaints are declining: Customers are no longer reaching for social media first when they have complaints, which is a positive development for brands who are concerned about their online image. In fact, only a quarter of customers have posted on social after a problem which is a decrease of 30 percent from 2015.  While not all customers attempted to contact a company after an issue, the majority used the phone which demonstrates the need for an efficient and reliable contact center.

Issues are taking too long to resolve: One of the more troubling findings from the study is the 19 percent of people who claimed they had to contact a company seven or more times to resolve an issue. Only a quarter of people were able to solve the problem on first interaction. While not all resolutions can be solved on the first interaction, requiring a customer to call back several times is unacceptable. When this happens, it could anger a customer and make them seek out a competitor.

Customers want respect: Customers reported that their top goal while contacting a brand is to be treated with dignity, which is very telling about the current state of customer service. Other demands were to be talked to like a human, a guarantee that a problem would not happen again and for the company to display empathy during an interaction.

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