People, process and analytics create successful B2B model

In today’s economy, companies must focus their efforts on core competencies and choose partners to help provide the return they need growing their business.  At last month’s IT EXPO in Miami I had the chance to enjoy the sunshine and connect with longtime colleague, Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO, to discuss how InfoCision is partnering with clients to achieve success with our valuable B2B solution. You can view the interview here.

We consider it top priority when partnering with clients to customize our approach and make sure we meet their needs and their customer’s needs. We start by ensuring we have the best possible people on the phone. Our Business Account Managers (BAMs) are highly trained sales experts who are highly skilled at communicating, reaching and consulting with decision makers.

Next, the way we manage the process is different. We take the behind the scenes dialing process and manage it so our sales people are able to maintain predictability to the calling structure and can focus on their strengths in building relationships and closing sales.

Finally, we use data analytics and business intelligence to make sure we are reaching the next target successfully and managing the continuity for multiple points of contact throughout the process. There’s a relationship that evolves that often takes more than a single phone call and we have created a process to handle this efficiently and effectively. The focus isn’t on simply getting the sales; it’s primarily to ensure a positive customer experience as we all know it directly impacts repeat business, loyalty and referrals.

With extremely fierce competition, choosing a partner that combines strategic use of the best possible people, processes and data analytics will provide the needed marketplace edge.

I’d love to continue this dialogue with you.  What are some of the challenges you are facing within your B2B program? How can we help?