To Live Chat, or Not to Live Chat? That is the Customer Care Question

The combination of multi-channel marketing solutions you choose to implement in your customer care strategy weighs heavily on your customers’ preferences. That’s right, it’s up to your customers to shape your contact center’s use of preferred communications methods. After all, if you don’t heed the clues your customers offer you each day you are probably … Continued

Three Reasons Why You Need to Broaden Your Customer Care Horizons

Communicating with consumers in the customer care space isn’t a one way street anymore. What I mean is that consumers need you to communicate with them as much as they need a way to contact you—like through your contact center services. As such, now is the time to explore new customer care communication options and … Continued

Understanding Your Audience: The Differences between Millennials and Baby Boomers

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. What do these platforms have in common? They are the vehicles Millennials use to communicate and the reason your business needs to reconfigure its customer service practices to embrace 21st century multichannel marketing solutions. Though a number of decision-makers you target may represent the Baby Boomer generation, an overwhelming number of executive … Continued