Rapid Response Routing – Customer Service for the NOW Generation

In the evolving world of direct interactive marketing, we are faced with great challenges and opportunities brought on by innovative digital communication technologies.  The combination of the internet and mobile devices has created a world where we have all become accustomed to having every bit of information we need right at the tip of our fingers.  And when – for some reason – we are unable to find the information we need right away, it is actually a bit unsettling.

So why is it that when making a request for information online, consumers wait on average 48-72 hours for a response?  This may have been appropriate ten, or even five years ago.  But today, we are committing a marketing sin if we allow a customer or potential customer to wait any length of time for information about our products and services.  The technology is out there that allows us to be able to reach out to those customers immediately – drastically improving customer service and maximizing our potential to make a sale, because we have contacted the consumer when their interest in the product or service is at its peak.

Technological innovation enables us to satisfy the NOW generation

At InfoCision, we have invested Rapid Response Routingin a proprietary service for our clients called Rapid Response Routing (R3), which increases response time by creating a continuous flow for the request, eliminating the time-consuming process of manually pulling customer information. So when a consumer on your website clicks to request more information, their contact information is sent directly to InfoCision’s system, which pings the self-reported  data  against our national consumer database to append additional demographic, psychographic and transactional information. If it’s part of the campaign strategy, the data can be scored to produce a customized offer. The information is sent to the most qualified InfoCision Communicator who calls them – and all within a minute or two of the consumer making the online request. The results have been tremendous – but don’t just take my word for it…

A recent case study on R3 shows how impressive the results have been for one of our valued clients.  Prior to InfoCision handling the program, the client’s average callback time for internet requests was several hours or longer. After Rapid Response Routing (R3) was implemented, 90 percent of online requests were responded to in less than 3 minutes – with an average callback time of 2.75 minutes. This surpassed the client’s goal of having 80 percent of their customers called back in 3-5 minutes. In addition to the remarkably fast average response time, R3 also increased efficiencies and sales by creating a positive customer experience that allowed for upsell and cross sell opportunities. These additional sales helped to reduce the cost per unit by 26 percent.

Click here to view a webinar on Rapid Response Routing (R3).

This is just one example of a service we’ve created to satisfy today’s NOW generation across vertical segments, including education, financial and other commercial markets. Companies that want to thrive into the future must find ways to reach their customers and potential customers in a fast and meaningful way.  I’d be interested to hear from any readers how you are finding ways to get people the information they need NOW.

Work and Life: A True Balancing Act

It’s important to help employees find a proper work-life balance; a healthy combination of what they do at work and what they do at home with their families

Last week, InfoCision held its annual Fall Festival, where employees bring their children, dressed in costumes, into work to collect candy at 22 stations we have set up around our corporate campus.  This is something we have been doing for several years now and the response from our employees has been great.  As I watched the children and their parents walking from station to station, collecting plenty of sweets along the way, I began to think about how proud I am to be part of a company that encourages work-life balance and what it means to our employees.

work-life-balanceHere at InfoCision, we have always tried to make sure that our employees have a proper work-life balance; a healthy combination of what they do at work and what they do at home with their families.  There’s no question, career is important and requires prioritizing all aspects of life so the family doesn’t suffer.  That’s why we implemented a robust work-life balance initiative here at InfoCision.  The bottom line is, when our employees have family or health concerns, it can be difficult coming to work every day and being productive.  We realize this, and that is why InfoCision provides innovative amenities like on-site doctors’ offices and fitness centers.

Having amenities like these available to our employees helps relieve some of the stress that life often brings, and promotes greater “presenteeism.”  Think about how much time is wasted when an employee has to visit an off-site doctor.  Depending on the travel time, it could take an entire half-day to just get a standard check-up.  Our InfoWellness clinics are a convenient alternative to visiting a doctor, plus if the employee is a member of InfoCision’s insurance plans, it’s free!  During flu season, helping to keep everyone healthy is a priority.  Especially when you have over 4,400 employees, many of whom work in very close proximity to one another.  Each year our on-site clinics provide low-cost flu shots for our employees.  This past flu season we administered close to 1,000 flu shots to help ensure that our people stayed healthy.  Our InfoFitness center helps promote a healthy lifestyle for our employees and we even hold an annual “Weight Loss War,” which is our version of “The Biggest Loser.”  This year employees lost over 2,950 pounds – one and a half TONS!  Our InfoKids Early Learning Center has helped make the decision between working and staying home easier for our employees, and has helped us retain many of our best female employees.  Our working parents can feel a sense of comfort, knowing that their child is in the care of a certified professional at our corporate campus.

When you look at the big picture of things, yes, our amenities are great for our employees and we love being able to provide them.  With that in mind, it also allows our company to be proactive instead of reactive.  Our innovative programs have helped our company lower the cost of insurance premiums, emergency room visits and productivity issues.  When employees are happy and healthy, they’re going to be willing to work harder.  And our clients benefit from the great results our dedicated employees are able to produce.  That is a situation where everybody wins!

Turning Customer Care Calls into Cross-Selling Opportunities

All companies want to keep their customers happy. Finding the right balance of effective customer care while trying to keep costs low can be a challenging for any organization. The numbers that show customer loyalty and brand image being boosted by customer care are not always clearly visible and easy to measure.

With that in mind, there are ways to change customer care into easily measurable, profit-generating activities that make it easier for companies to justify customer care expenditures.

That’s where the InfoCision attitude comes into play. It’s simple really; it’s all about philosophy and opportunity.

Recently an article featuring one of our staff members, Paul Derbyshire, director of operations strategy, was published through the prestigious media outlet TMCnet. Paul talked all about how if the situation is handled correctly, you can turn a customer care call into an opportunity to increase your sales.

In fact, we’ve seen examples where after adding a series of cross-sell opportunities, the client’s customer care was essentially free. When a client receives profit for a call that used to be an expense, everyone wins.

What are your opinions on cross-selling? Can cross-selling truly generate profit? Leave a comment below and tell me how you or your organization views the cross-selling process!

Paul Derbyshire is director of operations strategy at InfoCision Management Corporation. Reach him at paul.derbyshire@infocision.com.

Satisfying the Customer Service Needs of the NOW Generation

People want things NOW!  I know I’m guilty of this myself.

With close to 79% of Americans online according to Internet World Stats, the need to engage customers and potential customers immediately is more important than ever, especially with the incredible growth of mobile devices and tablets.

The other day I was on various websites checking out different vacation packages. A couple of the sites gave you the option of submitting a request for additional information, which I did…If I would have gotten a phone call while I was on their site, the odds of me booking with them would have certainly increased!

InfoCision recently hosted a webinar on a service we offer that will do just what I needed when I was on those vacation sites – we can call people within seconds of them submitting their contact information online.

And because the customer’s needs are being met immediately, they feel positive about the interaction and are more open to hearing about and signing up for additional services and products. For one of our clients this has led to a 26 percent decrease in their cost per unit.

The Customer Service Message

At InfoCision, we strive to create the very best experience for our clients’ customers and our R3 service allows us to do just that. In researching for the webinar I ran across some interesting information I’d like to share with you. Did you know that within the first hour of someone submitting their information online, the odds of contacting them decreases by over 10 times? But, if you call them within five minutes the odds of getting a hold of them increases 100 times!

There’s more great info like this in the webinar so if you have about 45 minutes to check it out here. And please, feel free to stop back here and let me know what you think.