Does Too Much Technology Disrupt Interpersonal Communications?

Have you ever gone out to lunch or dinner and noticed that nearly everyone in the restaurant is using his or her smartphones? There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced this exact same situation, as we’ve all been guilty of being a little too attached to technology at some time or another. But, with that … Continued

Three Customer Care Practices That Drive Consumers Crazy

The contact center is one of the most important arms of a business. After all, contact centers are responsible for managing customer care and maintaining consumer retention. But, identifying what makes a customer tick, however, isn’t always easy for contact center employees. After all, no two customers are the same. To help businesses understand what … Continued

New Report Stresses the Importance of Self-Service for Customer Care

The need for customer self-service at the enterprise level has never been greater, with three out of four customers now preferring to solve service issues on their own without asking agents for support. Why is customer self-service in such high demand? Simply put, self-service expedites the customer service process while also easing the burden on … Continued